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Anyone looking for porn on the Internet will quickly find what they are looking for. There is for each preference everything at pictures and videos - and free of charge. More and more men are addicted to naked skin in virtual reality. A sex therapist tells how he encounters this addiction and who is at risk of becoming addicted. Only a few clicks separate the computer user from pornographic content. They can be consumed anonymously at any time. Internet porn addiction originated in the nineties, says sex therapist Dr. Jones of the Society for Sexual Sciences. It began with the Internet portal Youporn and shortly afterwards others followed, which offered Sexclips free of charge. Suddenly it was not only possible to publish ones own films, but also to consume them in masses. But there are dark sides to the fact that the user is alone, with his lust, his inclinations and his desire for even more thrills. Consumption can quickly get out of hand. Im experiencing it in my practice. More and more men come to me and seek help from porn addiction,. The number has risen significantly. When I talk to colleagues at conferences, they also confirm the increase in their practices. Five percent of his patients are affected, many colleagues are much more. The trend is rising. In the meantime, there are even doctors surgeries that specialize in Internet sex addiction. Porn addiction is a problem that almost exclusively affects men. According to Jones, neither he nor his colleagues know of a porn addicted woman. This is certainly also due to the fact that men are very strongly optically oriented. They need visual stimuli and are always looking for new ways to get them, says the sex therapist. Women, on the other hand, needed physical closeness. The computer alone is not enough to satisfy their needs.

When does a man become porn addicted when streaming?

But when do experts talk about Internet porn addiction? According to Jones, the warning signs are not much different than for alcohol and drugs. There is a compulsion to consume the addictive substance - more and more often. Other areas of life are neglected and those affected withdraw socially. In the advanced stage of addiction, many lose their jobs, no longer cultivate friendships and neglect basic needs such as sleeping, eating and drinking. Personal hygiene is often no longer an issue. Addiction determines life and even withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, palpitations and aggression can occur. In addition, the ongoing over-irritation of the genitals can lead to inflammation and swelling as well as wounds and bleeding. Some of my patients watch porn on the Internet for ten to twelve hours a day. Some even go to the office, although they know they are putting their jobs at risk, says the expert. The critical thing is that both the amount and the intensity have to be increased in order to achieve the desired satisfaction. This often leads to borders being crossed and illegal material being consumed, says the sexual scientist. Many men then come to him voluntarily because they realize that they have lost all control. Others go to the practice at the request of their partner. Porn addiction has already destroyed many relationships. The own partner cannot compete with the pictures from the videos and can no longer reach the high stimulus threshold that the man needs sometime.

VR pornography addiction: Which men are particularly at risk?

Usually the dependency is based on a clear trigger. These are often depressions and states of exhaustion, as Jones knows from his professional experience. But unemployment, stress and excessive demands can also pave the way for addiction. Watching porn works on two levels. On one level there is pleasure and satisfaction, on the other level relaxation, which follows orgasm. It does you good and you long for more. Sex videos or pictures are at first often nothing more than a small after-work beer - and at some point some of those affected lose control. Pornos become a danger especially for men who are frustrated and unhappy, feel an inner emptiness, marginalized and not accepted, have difficulties approaching others or feel they have failed.

Influencing virtual reality pornography in real life, pulling the emergency brake

Watching pornography is critical as soon as the films strongly influence the life of a person affected and he can no longer escape consumption. At the latest when everyday duties can no longer be mastered, help is needed. A sexual therapist can be the first point of contact, but also a urologist or the family doctor. The chances of success of a therapy are very good. If the trigger is known, the addiction can usually be treated successfully. A normal sex life is also usually possible afterwards, says Jones and encourages men: Have the courage to accept help.

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016 - Yenna VR

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